1. "I Am America"
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"I Am America"

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Michael Ballew &
the "Damn Good Texas Band"


By: Michael Ballew © 2020

I sailed here from my homeland, For my place in the sun..
A place where you would not believe, all the things I have done..
I could not begin to tell, the places I have been..
I've been to the moon, and back again.....

My name is Tom Edison, I am Gram Bell,
Ben Franklin is my name, you should know me well...
The spark, the light, the telephone, the car and the radio..
The computer and the airplane, Don't forget Rock & Roll...

I..... I'm an American
i..... I am America

I'm every race and color, All religions too...
I'm a friend of Liberty, I am free to chose...
I am the movie star, of the greatest picture show...
I'm a rhinestone cowboy, in a neon rodeo...

I..... I'm an American
I..... I am America