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"Where Are The Rangers"

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This is a tale Michael Ballew crafted about the old Texas Rangers, when they were the ultimate solution to all serious Texas problems..
When land, property or civil disputes of any kind threatened the peace & happiness of Texas citizens, the Rangers were dispatched to intervene and settle the matter in any manner they saw fit.. Sometimes the methods they used came under question, but they got the job done..
In this tale Ballew speculates that our modern day problems might need the same solutions.. "Where Are The Rangers' now that we really need them !!


By: Michael Ballew, © 2020

Our back's against the wall,
Defenses falling fast,
The will to stand is strong,
Going to holdout to the last,
To hear the hooves pounding,
Of the Rangers Coming in,
Riding hard to the rescue,
Of the land once again..

Past down tails of glory,
When the odds were not so good,
Stirs the blood & fills the pride,
To be here where they stood,
They couldn't get them all,
But they kept them on the run,
when the land was the law,
And the law was the gun,

Where Are The Rangers..
The Land Is Falling To Strangers,
Where, Where Are The Rangers,

It's hard to imagine,
Those lines so clearly drawn,
On this side is the right,
And that one is wrong,
Now the lines are vague and many,
Quickly fading from our sight,
I wonder if old Capitan Call,
Would sleep so well tonight..


Desperado's coming,
From everywhere it seems,
Consuming the rewards,
Of our fathers dreams,
The Battle will be over,
When the last Ranger falls,
That's the way it was,
Until the last stranger crawls